Team of Skilled Professionals

Our company has set long-term goals that we will achieve with the help of our proficient teammates. The professionals working with us are selected very carefully on the basis of their knowledge, qualification and skills. By using their expertise, knowledge and skills, they perform all their functions efficiently and achieve the targets on time. We do not take any kind of risk when it comes to selecting vendors or recruiting employees, as they are responsible for making future of ours.

Values that Define Us

  • Honesty- Attaining a distinguish position in the competitive market is difficult but Shobha Associates has successfully become a renowned name and its main reason is the honesty that we maintain while running the business.
  • Quality Commitment- No matter what; we associate with only prestigious manufacturing brands and buy only premium quality products to fulfill our quality commitments to customers.
  • Teamwork- Here at our company, team members comfortably work with each other and put combined efforts to achieve the targets.

Focused On Safety of Products

Dealing in industrial lubricants as well as food products, it becomes extremely important to ensure their safety from impurities and contamination. For this purpose, we have developed a spacious warehouse in Belgaum, Karnataka; equipped with sound material handling equipment. Our warehouse has different chambers, where we keep all our products like FBalmerol Hydraulic Oil, Balmerol Gear Oil For Vehicles, Balmerol Hp 90 Gl 4 Gear Oil, Bamerol Liprex Ep 000 Grease,  etc. under required temperature and conditions. Proper hygiene is maintained in this division by cleaning it on regular basis so to avoid dirt & dust. Also, all our goods are packed in airtight packets, boxes, bottles and other containers to ensure their safety and retain quality during storage and transits. 

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